Family Office

Prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets have been rising at unprecedented levels in a pandemic-ravaged world. Destabilized geopolitical environments, global debts and other events reshape investors’ mindset to a great extent: lots of them question the future of fiat currencies and are looking for alternate risk mitigation strategies such as diversifying portfolios into digital assets. Family offices and high net worth individuals view strategic asset allocation and diversification as the cornerstones of long-term wealth accumulation and preservation.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and family offices logically compliment each other as family offices look for long-term wealth preservation, while Bitcoin and similar currencies are impossible to inflate, therefore retaining their value over time.

Choosing the right crypto investment partner is vital for all the families who have just shifted their attention to expanding their investment portfolios. Although there are a lot of trading platform options existing on the global market, detailed directions and reliable partners are the key to any successful transaction. Privacy and personalized service becomes a determining factor when dealing with a crypto currency exchange. And this is when SAO steps in: we make it our business to guide you through the newly-emerging portfolio methodologies.

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